My love and passion for the classical guitar and its music started over 30 years ago. Ever since, the sound of the guitar has been so soothing and so seductive to me; a constant companion through life as a guitarist.

Lacewood/wheat organic rosette

In 1998, my passion turned to the pursuit of creating that beautiful sound myself. Since then, I've spent years consulting with various master builders to gain skills. I've also spent a few years doing acoustic research and studying special master guitars. The goal of all this work was to be able to offer a truly world-class guitar to professionals and enthusiasts without an extended time putting out modest instruments in the public eye.

Currently, I offer classical guitars built in two famous "traditions".

The Ignacio Fleta Tradition

Cedar classical

The first is based on the guitars of Ignacio Fleta, who has been referred to as the "Stradivarius of the classical guitar". Fleta guitars remain a favorite of concert guitarists to this day.

The design is very Spanish sounding, with crisp, edgy trebles toward the bridge, and very round, full notes over the soundhole. For more detailed information and photos, please view the Spruce Fleta and Cedar Fleta classical guitar pages.

The Elliott/Hauser Tradition

Spruce classical

The second is based on Jeffrey Elliott's development of Hauser's design. I have consulted with Jeff over a number of years on this particular design, and it makes a wonderful instrument. It's very different in tone compared to the Fleta, but both are uniquely great-sounding. You can find high resolution pictures and more information by viewing the Spruce Elliott/Hauser classical guitar page.

As an avid player, I hope you explore not only the luthierie pages on this site, but also the fun or informative pages. Even if you're not looking to purchase a new instrument, I wish that you come away with something that makes your passion a little more enjoyable! - Anders